The Works of Shakspere


The Works of Shakspere - Imperial Edition

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With notes by Charles Knight. With Illustrations on Steel from pictures by C. W. Cope, E. M. Ward, C. R. Leslie, S. A. Hart, D. Maclise, Frith, Sir John Gilbert, J.A. Houston, J. Pettie, W. Mulready, E. W. Frost, J. L. Gérôme, C. Clint, H. S. Marks, W. Q. Orchardson, G. H . Boughton, and others. In two volumes. New York, Virtue & Yorston, ca. 1850. 2 volúmenes, gran folio (38 x 30 cm.). Cortes dorados. 810 p. + 777 p.+ 49 grabados al acero fuera de texto protegidos por papel cebolla y 2 viñetas. Contiene 5 grabados más que otras ediciones imperiales: Hernes Oak, Windsor Forest; The Maid of Orleans; Wolsey at Leicester Abbey; Ophelia (dos); The Death of Cleopatra). Vol. I – COMEDIES: The Two Gentlemen of Verona / Love’s Labour’s Lost / The Merry Wives of Windsor / The Comedy of Errors / The Taming of the Shrew / A Midsummer Night’s Dream / The Merchant of Venice / All’s Well that Ends Well / Much Ado About Nothing / Twelfth Night; or, What You Will / As You Like It / Measure for Measure / Winter’s Tale / The Tempest – HISTORIES: King John, King Richard II, King Henry IV, King Henry V, King Henry VI, King Richard III. Illustrations to Vol.I: Shakspere (Portrait, frontispiece) / The Birth-Place of Shakspere (vignette) / The Nine Worthies / Falstaff and his Friends / Falstaff and Mrs. Ford / Hernes Oak, Windsor Forest / Christopher Sly / “There sleeps Titania” / Puck and the Fairies / Shylock after the Trial / Olivia / Malvolio / The Duel / Orlando and the Wrestler / The Seven Ages of Man / Touchstone and Audrey / Florizel and Perdita / Autolycus / “Come unto these yellow sands” / Ariel / Prince Arthur and Hubert / Queen Isabella and her Ladies / Prince Henry, Poins, and Falstaff / The Lady’s Taylor / The Wooing of Henry V / Talbot and the Countess of Auvergne / The Maid of Orleans / The Scene in the Temple Garden / The Death of the Earl of Warwick / Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York. Vol. II – HISTORIES: King Henry VIII – TRAGEDIES: Romeo and Juliet / Hamlet, Prince of Denmark / Cymbeline / Othello / Timon of Athens / King Lear / Macbeth / Troilus and Cressida / Coriolanus / Julius Caesar / Antony and Cleopatra / Titus Andronicus / Pericles / The Two Noble Kinsmen – POEMS: Venus and Adonis / The Rape of Lucrece / Sonnets / A Lover’s Complaint / The Passionate Pilgrim - PLAYS ASCRIBED TO SHAKSPERE – Locrine / Sir John Oldcastle. Part I / Thomas Lord Cromwell / The London Prodigal / The Puritan / A Yorkshire Tragedy / Arden of Feversham / King Edward III / George-A-Greene / Fair Em / Mucedorus / The Birth of Merlin / The Merry Devil of Edmonton // Notice & Indexes. Illustrations to Vol.II: Shakspere  (from the Statue in Central Park, frontispiece) / The Globe Theatre, Bankside (vignette) / The Quarrel of Wolsey and Buckingham / Queen Katharine / Wolsey at Leicester Abbey / Juliet and the Nurse / Juliet in the Cell of Friar Laurence / Hamlet / Ophelia / Ophelia / Imogen in the Cave / Othello relating his Adventures / Timon and Apemantus / Lear and Cordelia / Macbeth / Troilus and Cressida / Volumnia reproaching Brutus and Sicinius / The Death of Julius Caesar / Cleopatra and Caesar / The Death of Cleopatra / Disarming of Cupid. Encuadernación fatigada media piel y puntas,  tapa suelta y lomo separado en un extremo en volumen II.